With technology advancing so rapidly, it is paramount that businesses adapt to this change in order to take advantage of it. SoftSol enables this transformation by designing, developing and delivering digital products and experiences that drive digital-first business models. We offer the most comprehensive transformation expertise and client-centric methodology for sustainable business growth.

What We Are Good At

SoftSol offers comprehensive solutions to its customers in transforming their data, business processes and enterprise applications by using cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning and intuitive UX/UI design.

Business Process Transformation

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve agility to adopt to business needs
  • Improve productivity

SoftSol’s business transformation solution assists in improving efficiency and ensures accuracy. Our machine learning based solutions automatically captures the information and generate actionable insights.

Enterprise Application Transformation

  • Remove platform and location dependencies
  • Modernize computing environment
  • Improve user adoption

SoftSol’s application transformation solution assists in modernizing the applications and making these applications future proof by using latest cutting-edge technologies. Our solution simplifies the architecture while keeping the target application compliant with software development and security standards.

Data Transformation

  • Build data lakes that assists in analytics
  • Drive data based insights
  • Comply with data security standards

SoftSol’s data transformation solution assists in consolidating data from various sources with speed and accuracy and stores it in robust, secure, and standardized manner which facilitates data integration with other systems as well as advanced data analytics.

Why ModernizeNow?

Rapid Technology Improvement

Experience the newness in the field of digitization
Improve Customer
Leverage transformation to enhance customer satisfaction
Accelerate Business
Boost operational efficiency with robust solutions


  • As a leading biotech company, it is vital to have advanced and secure IT systems to support our discovery and innovation. SoftSol has proven itself to be a reliable partner in helping Genentech to achieve this mission

    Genentech, Inc
    Kathryn Woods
  • This application was absolutely essential to maintaining our level of customer service, and we couldn’t afford any cost or service overruns. This 45 man-year project was accomplished on time and on budget

    Gene Reich, CIO
  • SoftSol’s in-house migration tools automatically and accurately converted all of the business logic, thereby saving the court from the daunting effort of redefining the business rules

    Superior Court of CA
    David Joe, Director
  • My project team has been very impressed with the quality, timeliness, and customer focus provided by SoftSol’s Project Management, technical, and QA teams

    Michael Gabriel, CIO
  • We express our complete satisfaction with the services provided by SoftSol in migration the PowerBuilder application into Java technology. The migration methodology of SoftSol provided arrays of alternatives for successful migration of UI and business integration process, which made the resulting product customized as per the requirements.

    Senior Project Manager
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