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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ModernizeNow? How do I engage SoftSol to migrate my PowerBuilder applications?

    • SoftSol is well-known as a leader in software modernization solutions—the partner of choice for leading public and private-sector companies like the US Department of Defense, HBO, Genentech, and CalPERS.

    • With ModernizeNow, companies can now take advantage of these same proven tools and approaches through an easy-to-use, low-cost, lighting fast, web-based service. While previously companies may have felt migration only made sense for large-scale, critical applications, ModernizeNow makes it simple and cost effective to migrate both small and medium-sized PowerBuilder applications to web-based Java or .NET platforms.

    • Simply sign up for an account, upload your selected code, and indicate your preference for either .NET or Java. Within 48 hours, we'll send you a secure link where you can view and test your migrated application at no cost or obligation. If you are fully satisfied with the results, you can decide to purchase the migrated code.

    • ModernizeNow is ideal for small to medium-sized applications requiring 1:1 migration. If you are looking to make substantial enhancements to the application during the modernization process or if you would like to customize the architecture component mapping, contact SoftSol and one of our Solutions Architects will work with you to design a solution tailored to your unique requirements.

  • What versions of PowerBuilder application can be migrated using  the ModernizeNow Solution?

    • ModernizeNow has been tested with all versions of PowerBuilder from 5.0 through 11.5. It is also designed to work with all other existing versions of PowerBuilder.

  • We have a large and complex application which needs to be migrated? Can we take advantage of ModernizeNow solution?

    • The ModernizeNow solution is primarily targeted for small to medium-sized applications. SoftSol recommends that large and complex applications be migrated using SoftSol's full-service migration solution. In this solution, we begin with a full assessment of your application, your needs and goals, and then use this information to customize the entire modernization process. We tune our migration tool to align with your unique IT roadmap, and we develop any enhancements required by your team. . We also conduct extensive tuning to ensure application's performance meet your internal requirements.

    • Contact SoftSol and one of our Solutions Architects will work with you to design a solution tailored to your unique requirements

  • Does your solution also take care of migrating my existing database?

    • Yes. ModernizeNow is a complete solution that not only translates your PowerBuilder application but also migrates your database tier. Using ModernizeNow, the customer can

      • Migrate from any RDBMS to any RDBMS (Oracle, Sql Server, DB2, My SQL)
      • Migrate stored procedures to Java/.Net business objects, other RDBMS stored procedures

  • Can the migrated application run on all application servers?

    • The migrated application runs on all industry standard application servers like Internet Information Server (for .Net solution) and Jboss, Weblogic, Tomcat, Websphere etc (for Java solution)

  • How are PowerBuilder components translated into Java/.Net platforms?

    • PB Components J2EE Web Components(JSF) Asp.Net Components
      Menu Tomahawk Menu Menu Control
      Window JSF Page Web Form
      DataWindow Trinidad Table List View
      DataWindow buffer CachedRowSet Dataset
      DataWindow Event A4J / JSF Backing Bean Actions jQuery/Server side Events
      GUI controls MyFaces Tags .Net Native Controls
      GUI control events A4J/JSF Backing Bean Actions .Net Native Control Events
      Non Visual Objects POJOs POCOs
      Global Functions POJOs .Net Methods
      DataWindow reports Jasper Reports RDLC reports
      Transaction Connection Data Connection
      Data Access Logic JDBC DAO Data Adapter

  • Does your solution also migrate PFC code?

    • Yes. ModernizeNow migrates PFC functionality. Unlike PowerBuilder code migration, PFC code will not be translated as-is for reasons of maintainability and platform compatibility. Instead equivalent functionality is provided in the migrated application using a mix of migrated code, third party components, reusable libraries developed by SoftSol.

  • Will the performance of the migrated application be similar to that of the PowerBuilder application ?

    • Yes. The following are some of techniques SoftSol uses to ensure scalability and performance in the migrated application:

      • Use of AJAX technology for partial page refresh and GUI validations.

      • Implementation of pagination to improve database fetch performance

      • Connection object pooling

      • Usage of industry standard design patterns to improve performance and scalability